Here’s A Thought About...Advertising Part 3


From Stu Norfleet

Continuing our search for ways to “boost your business, service, ministry, brand or store front ON A BUDGET”! Method #1 is the phone...Method #2 is your website. Don't have a website? Not to worry...there is a wealth of help out there to get you up and running!


No, you do NOT have to be a graphic artist or creative genius to design your website. I am a Voice Over guy and I did it! A couple of places to start (out of a dozen or more): “Go Daddy” ( (former sponsor of NASCAR racer Danica Patrick) and “WIX” ( the group that is so VERY helpful with MY site.


As I said, I'm a Voice Over guy and rely heavily on the expertise of the WIX team for ideas and support. A couple of things I discovered on my website journey: you will need a “Domain Name” and WIX as well as GoDaddy can help you with yours. Keep it as simple as possible while using your brand name in the domain if you can. My domain name is a bit complicated – - yet it leaves little doubt as to what the site is all about. Try to stick with dot COM as the suffix for your site (as opposed to dot NET, dot INFO or something else). Easier for your customers/clients to remember, plus they will probably enter dot COM anyway and never make it to your site.


As an additional way to “promote” my site, WIX helped me create my email address that includes the site: Promote, brand, advertise yourself/company anytime and anywhere you can!


Is a website expensive? You certainly can spend thousands of dollars on creating one if you want to. However, GoDaddy and WIX have website builders that will walk you through every step plus a support staff that will happily answer any questions. I have yet to spend $100 on my site. Get your site up and then use it to promote anything and everything about your business or service! Put a map on the site to direct people to you...your hours, your phone number (with the answering machine message that ALSO promotes you) pictures of your products – you see where this is going?


HINT: You might very well have an employee, friend, neighbor or even a family member who can help you with the design of your website if you need it. A wonderful boost for them and probably a more creative website for you! Go for it!!





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